Squirrel Corn Cobs
We carry 10 lb. bags of dried corn cobs especially for the squirrels.


black oil sunflower

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
We carry 25 lb. & 50 lb. bags of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds – great for birds, squirrels, goats, and even the horses.


bird seed


Premium Wild Bird Seed
We carry 25 lb. & 50 lb. bags of Premium Wild Bird Seed. Fill your feeders and bring the birds in. They’ll be happy for the food and you’ll have a lovely view.



Deer Corn & Deer Blocks & Rice Bran

We carry deer corn, deer blocks, and rice bran. If you like waking up to deer in your yard in the morning, spread some corn or rice bran around your backyard and give it a few days. The deer will find the tasty treat and keep coming back for more.


We also offer a variety of bulk feeds and seeds – such as thistle for the finches, safflower, millet, and grey striped sunflower seeds – for the wildlife in your life.