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Growing Dreams


It is Tuesday, and we are two days away from launch.

What are we launching?

I am finally going to spill the beans. I’ve been hinting around at this launch on our FB page for a week now.

My dear husband and I are taking over a local feed store starting March 1st. If you are familiar with Young Family Feed, then you know right where we will be. Jack and Staci have decided to that it is time to turn the page, and as such, offered us an unbeatable opportunity.

I’ll be honest, after we closed the towing business, I felt a little bit lost. I knew we would go back to regular work and just continue on, but we are entrepreneurs naturally. We enjoy being in business for ourselves, and we are passionate about our ideas. We put our whole selves in to our towing business. It was a brutal day, and following weeks, when we had to say it was time to close.

When the opportunity to buy the feed store came up, we were nervous. Heck, we still are. We just closed a business, and neither one of us wanted to experience that heartbreak again. It was a painful loss. So we kicked the idea around and one moment an idea would snowball with another, until we were wading through an avalanche of possibilities. The next conversation would be darker, harder to have, and full of fear.

We decided to punch fear in the face and take the leap. Jack and Staci are incredibly fair and the terms they presented are more than agreeable. Really, they’ve been an enormous blessing to our family.

To think, we met them because a dear friend mentioned the dollar bin at the feed store, and I just had to see what it was about. Then, Jack helped me pick feed for my farm animals. Then he kept barley in stock so I could grow fodder. Standing at the counter visiting with Staci every time I came in became something I looked forward to.

They even special ordered things for my goats.

The store is closed 2 days a week, and I usually forgot on Saturday to run to town. So I’d look real close at what feed we had left, and if no one would miss a meal from me waiting until Tuesday, I vowed to always wait until Tuesday. Supporting local is important to me, and Young Family Feed became part of my goal to do just that.

Now, Young Family Feed will continue operating, with some new faces, and a new name, but Jack and Staci have forever left their mark on our community, on this store, and in our lives.

Thank you, Young Family, for passing the baton and giving us the opportunity to continue the story of this small town feed store. We are honored and humbled.


The Space of No Expectations

There is a spot where who we are, and who we are trying to be, merge. A spot where there isn’t a line between the inside person and the outside person, a spot where they are one.

Most of us are trying to improve, and as such, I think we often project who we want to be before our inside person has fully caught up. Some people live wickedly double lives as a result of these things, but some people are really just trying to become better.

I am always striving for better. In fact, I can’t hardly give myself a moment to just be. I have to be doing. It is, at times, quite exhausting. I have a high need for words of affirmation and when I don’t hear that I’m doing well, I automatically assume the opposite. (I’m working on this, too.) But I have found a space with no expectations, a space where I can just be, a space where I can say the inside person thoughts, while I work out how I really want my thoughts/feelings to be about something.

As I’m writing this, I’m realizing that God gives us this space with Him, a space where He will move in the gap and help us become more like Christ. I wish I was writing that I found my space there, first, but I didn’t.

My space to be is with a dear friend. She lets me express my faith, my lack thereof, where I’m struggling, where I feel like I’m conquering life, and where I am somewhere in between. The hardest, for me, is admitting failure, admitting when my faith is lacking, admitting when something is getting the best of me. But I have a friend who, without judging, makes space for me to be real.

There is no expectation that I should respond a certain way, feel a certain way, or do things a certain way. My friend asks questions and waits, without expectation, for my real answer. My friend is so used to who I am, that if I give an answer, my friend can pick out when I am not admitting what is beneath the surface. My friend sees the whole iceberg, not just the part that is peaking out above the waves.

Thank you, my sweet and dear friend, for giving me the space to work out my faith, my feelings, myself. Thank you for giving me a corner without expectation of performance, without judgement, without harsh words. The space you give me closes the gap between who I want to be and who I am, in a positive way. In a way that helps me actually become who I want to be.

My love for you is endless and my gratitude is forever.

Do you have a space where you are able to be expose yourself fully, without fear of judgement, while you work out what your journey looks like?