Nicoma Park Feed came to be because of a series of small events that stitched together our story is ways we didn’t see coming.

In June-ish 2017, I posted an in-search-of ad on social media – we were looking for a property to rent that we could bring our horse along to. We figured out that if we combined our current rent payment, with our boarding payment, we could likely have our girl (Risky) in our own yard. I scoured ads for weeks before posting the in-search-of ad.

A sweet girl commented on my post and told me I really needed to talk to her mom. Now, I’m a bit of an internet skeptic, and I have a little too much phone anxiety to be dialing up strangers like, “Hey, your kid commented on my post on the internet…” but I reached out to her mom despite my nerves and we talked on the phone for quite some time that first phone call.

I’ll spare you all of the details of the house and how it came to be our home, but we live in their old house (which isn’t an old house at all) on 6 acres and not only is Risky in our yard, so are her two buddies – Drifter and Scarlett.

Their family is incredibly dear to ours.

After we moved in, they mentioned a “dollar bin” at the local feed store – known as Young Family Feed. Well, let’s be honest, I’m all for digging around in a dollar bin, so I had to stop by, so I did. And I met Jack first, then Staci on a subsequent visit. Jack helped me pick feed for Risky, carried barley so I could grow micro-greens for my goats and chickens, and even got us switched over to a dog food they carried.

I don’t look forward to a lot of errands, but visiting the feed store became a favorite right away. I always looked forward to saying hi to Tag, their chocolate lab, and to the Young family. Their son loaded our feed without hesitation or complaint, and he was always so nice to my crew of kids who asked him a billion questions in the few seconds it took to drop a bag or two of feed in the back of my SUV.

In fact, when we really got serious in our talks of taking over the store, I asked if he came with the store. When they said no it was almost a deal break! (Okay, maybe I knew he didn’t really come with the store…)

God was working things together that we didn’t even know or see at the time, and each step along the way was carefully orchestrated. I am blessed beyond measure or words to be here, running a feed store, meeting the community, and helping people find just the right products to keep their farms and homes running smoothly.

We’ll see you soon!